Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lemming Lacquer Launch!

Helloooooo and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in your various forms and circumstances!

I know I haven't posted in a long time but that is because I had to get everything set up for the launch of my brand, Lemming Lacquer.

Our first collection, Curiosities From Wonderland, is based on Alice in Wonderland and the various books, movies, video games, and other media inspired by Lewis Carroll's characters and fantastical world. The collection of polishes, 7 in total, includes one glitter top coat, three crelly/jelly glitters, one thermal crelly/jelly glitter and two holographic polishes. Our polishes are all 5-free and are a true 15ml/.5 oz full size.

Curiouser and Curiouser! is a delicate pale sky blue holographic with gold shimmer that captures Alice’s iconic dress, naivety, and her well known blonde locks.  Modest, sincere, and girly this polish personifies the innocent female protagonist we all know and love.

Her Imperial Viciousness is a jewel-toned red with different sized copper, red, and black glitters, color shifting iridescent glitters and a generous helping of black heart glitters. It is inspired by the character Redd Heart in The Looking Glass Warsseries by Frank Beddor.

Ravens and Writing Desks has a teal-leaning green colored base with different sized holographic gold, lime green, and turquoise glitters and black hex glitters. Inspired by a combination of Hatter Madigan of The Looking Glass Wars series and the 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter.

Eat Me is packed with small and medium sized matte glitters in all the colors of rainbow sprinkles. “Eat Me” is written on the cakes Alice eats to grow large after tumbling down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.  This polish is inspired by the colorful baked treats in Alice in Wonderland and multi-colored sprinkles.

Drink Me is a lush purple jelly nail polish with small holographic hexes and medium and large holographic circle glitters.  Inspired by the suspended “Drink Me” bottle and the subsequent purple bubbles Alice hiccups in shrink mode in the video game Alice: Madness Returns.  Alice uses shrink vision to view hidden pathways and clues on upcoming enemies, puzzles, and invisible platforms.

I'm Not All There Myself is a velvet purple to vibrant pink color changing jelly polish with various sized round and hex fuchsia glitters and purple hex glitter.  The jelly finish allows the lower layers of glitter to show through to offer a multidimensional look as complex as the mischievous feline it's named for.

Whooo R U? is a smoky, duochrome gray holographic polish with pinkish purple hazy overtones and bright blue sparks of shimmer. This polish embodies the Caterpillar’s languid smugness and captures the image of him taking long, cloudy drags off his hookah.

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