Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Very Merry Un-birthday Collection

I'm very excited to announce the release of A Very Merry Un-birthday Collection.  This four piece mini collection is an add-on to our very first collection Curiosities From Wonderland and a celebratory set for our first anniversary.

Swatch courtesy of Kimireeree
Our first collection was inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the various books, movies, video games, and other media inspired by Lewis Carroll's characters and fantastical world.  When I first started working on the collection back in 2011, I had so many ideas because Wonderland is vast, rich in inspiration and has come to life in many different adaptations that initially the collection was huge.  I had to narrow down the choices of inspiration to the ultimately seven polishes that were released.  I always planned to revisit Wonderland and going back there for a mini anniversary collection seemed like the perfect way to do it.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where in the World is my Holo-maniacs Group Custom Order??

Hi everyone.  This might be a bit long for some of you but I want to be completely honest and transparent so you all know what's going on.

First off I want to apologize.  I'm so sorry that many of the orders for the Holo-maniacs group custom have not shipped yet.  I really thought I would have had all the orders shipped by now--or at least the ones made before the extension of the buy period.  Below is a full account of why.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Creme-nally Dynamic Collection - But Does It Stamp? Does It Water Marble?

Swatched by Kimireeree
The new Creme-nally Dynamic Collection is now available!  The collection features 9 vibrant shades with names inspired by some of our favorite TV shows, memes and song lyrics.  This collection was intended to be a solid creme collection with vibrant, saturated colors without being dulled or washed out by an overload of white pigment.  These polishes can be used alone in 1-2 coats, freehand nail art or making decals.  But two questions were brought up by members of The Lemming Lacquer Legion: do the cremes stamp and do they water marble?

I decided to try them out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year from Lemming Lacquer

Hi everyone.

I wanted to post an update. All orders have gone out. If you haven't received a tracking number please email me at lemminglacquer @ and I will be happy to provide it to you. My fingers are crossed that maybe now USPS won't be filled to the brim with packages that the mail will run more smoothly and your orders will get to you quickly.

First, I wanted to express how truly sorry I am that not everyone received their orders in time for the holiday. I know you ordered presents for your loved ones and for yourselves, quite possibly for the first time in a very long time you decided to treat yourself and now you're soured on the very polishes you were so looking forward to receiving. I get it because I've gone through the exact same thing. I have polishes in my stash that I don't wear because I have negative feelings toward them after being turned off by the brand. I understand and I feel awful that the polishes you spent your hard earned money for might sit in your collection unloved and unwanted because of these negative feelings attached to them.  Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the lost time except apologize, though I know it's not enough and it doesn't make things right with you.  I know that I've lost your confidence and I've certainly lost customers due to the problems with this past sale and I honestly don't blame any of you.  I accept full responsibility for these problems and even if I never regain your business please know that I did try my very best to push through these orders as fast as possible and I am so sorry I wasn't able to get them out quickly enough.

The shop will remain closed while I do some rearranging on my side of things. You weren't satisfied with how long it took to ship the Black Friday orders and neither was I. Even working 18+ hour days (no joke) and not seeing my family or my friends since Thanksgiving I couldn't get the orders out fast enough. This is not how I envisioned I would run my business. I am not meeting my own standards and I'm certainly not meeting yours. At the end of my very long days I would wait for my chaotic mind to join my tired body and I thought about ways I could make my pouring and shipping process more efficient, how to improve my work space, how to continue to make my products accessible but put them in your hands faster. My list is long and that's what I'm going to do while Lemming Lacquer is on break. I have this bad habit of overestimating what I'm able to do in the time I'm given so I won't give an exact return date. My hope is to be back before the end of January. I would like to think a bulk of this work can be done over a matter of a few days but unfortunately the reality doesn't like to cooperate with what my mind imagines.

 Here are two changes I think will help:

- Smaller (but hopefully more frequent) restocks. Instead of the open stock system that I've had since I launched I'm going to list what I have already made and once that is sold out it will be sold out until the next restock.  I will also choose one or two collections for each restock rather than offering ALL collections at once.

I've bought indie polish since it was still in its infancy so I've experienced the frenzied restock madness, cart jacking, and restocks that sell out within 2 minutes. Sometimes customers were refunded and their orders cancelled because there were so many orders placed. It's frustrating, can even turn me off from buying a brand and I didn't want that to ever happen with mine. I would premix a batch but kept stock open so customers could purchase what they wanted and be guaranteed to get it.  It also helped me because it's so hard to know which polish or what collection will be popular and being a newer brand, I don't always know how many bottles to make. The open stock may have been okay before but it's not anymore now that Lemming Lacquer is growing.

By limiting quantities to only what I have ready to ship it's my hope I will have a faster turnaround time and I'll be free to have more frequent restocks to satisfy demand.  Please don't interpret this as me limiting stock to drive up demand.  That's a pet peeve of mine as an indie lover and customer and I would never do that to my customers.  I simply have to be realistic and admit to myself that it's not a question of determination in how quickly I'll process orders but rather the limitations of what I'm able to accomplish within a day.  This plan may need to be tweaked as we go but I’m willing to try whatever method seems promising to make my business run efficiently.

- The new shipping confirmation email now only provides your tracking number but not your mailing date. I know that may seem counterproductive but I don't want to give you false expectations. I don't want the shipping confirmation to make you think your order is going out on the 1st but it doesn't until the 5th or make you wonder why your mailing date isn't until two weeks from now because I've future dated the postage to appease overly strict USPS clerks. This caused a lot of confusion during the Black Friday sale so I'm hoping this change will prevent that going forward.

As upset and disappointed in myself as I am about how the Black Friday orders went, I am hopeful and excited about the upcoming year.  I've been working on new products that I still plan on introducing to the shop that I hope you'll all enjoy as well as some really fun collections in the works.  I want to step out of my comfort zone in terms of finish and style of my polishes.  I've got ideas, guys, and I'm so excited at the prospect of seeing them come to life!

I want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and for the kind words of encouragement.  Your loyalty means the world to me.  I'm completely open to hearing your thoughts and feedback on these changes or your suggestions.  It can be about what you would like to see this year for products or polishes, how you think I can improve, whatever.  You can comment here or email me through lemminglacquer @ so we can discuss them.