Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where in the World is my Holo-maniacs Group Custom Order??

Hi everyone.  This might be a bit long for some of you but I want to be completely honest and transparent so you all know what's going on.

First off I want to apologize.  I'm so sorry that many of the orders for the Holo-maniacs group custom have not shipped yet.  I really thought I would have had all the orders shipped by now--or at least the ones made before the extension of the buy period.  Below is a full account of why.

I placed an order for additional supplies with a company that I've been buying from since I began testing over 3 years ago. It's a very reliable company with great customer service and only a couple states away. I had every reason to believe that the additional supplies needed to fulfill the orders would arrive quickly due to their very short turnaround time on orders and the close proximity. The company did their duty to ship quickly as always but UPS lost the package the day before it was supposed to be delivered to me.  That was last week.

So to help things along, I placed a small order from that same supplier for the item I most desperately needed--mixing beads--and used USPS for delivery. Normally I get my orders from this company within a couple days (even with USPS First Class) and usually a day earlier than the expected delivery date so I felt confident that I'd have my supplies soon.

Back to the UPS package.  Last week I simply thought the package was sitting idly in the distribution center in Hodgkins, IL (which is 2 1/2 hours away from me) like I've often seen with USPS packages.  I wasn't horribly worried, just very anxious and thought it would be delivered a day late.  I waited a couple days before contacting UPS.  They made a case and a couple days later it turns out the package was sent to Anaheim, CA. The supplier is not in California, I'm certainly not in California so suffice so say I was confused and frustrated. Then today it was scanned back to the Hodgkins, IL distribution center. Yay, progress!

Still though, I had a bad feeling so I called UPS today and I requested someone contact the Hodgkins, IL distribution center--or something, anything--because I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be another problem now that I was yet again one more day away from having the supplies.  I received a return phone call from an admittedly very dedicated UPS customer service rep saying when she spoke to the Hodgkins, IL distribution center they claimed they physically did not have the package.

It's so frustrating: there is a scan saying the package arrived in Hodgkins, IL early this morning yet they don't actually have it? The UPS rep says she tried calling the Anaheim, CA center my package was located in last but no one answered the phone.  What??  So now we officially don't know where my package is.  I would not bat an eye if this were USPS (I'd still be frustrated of course but it's definitely not surprising that USPS would have this problem) but I thought UPS was supposed to be more reliable than this?

On top of that the second order I placed with that same supplier was scanned at a USPS origin facility in the supplier's state on 4/19 but hasn't moved since.  The expected delivery date is tomorrow, Friday 4/22.  I called USPS and with some pressing the supervisor said she would send an inquiry on the package. Experience says if it was going to be delivered tomorrow usually it would have left that origin facility and had a scan at the Des Moines, IA facility.  Des Moines is the facility that packages coming to me scan the day before they're delivered to me in Rock Island, IL.  Literally every single non-derailed package has followed that pattern so that's what I go by.

Anyway, unfortunately all this means I don't have any answers right now.  I truly wish I did.  I was able to put out as many packages as I could today with the supplies I had on hand.  That leaves 36 orders left and almost all remaining orders include the group custom.

I had no idea dealing with UPS would be such an ordeal. All my other suppliers use FedEx or USPS so my experience with UPS is limited.  I'm so sorry about the wait for your orders.   I feel awful that it's taking this long.  Please believe me when I say I want to get them out to you.  I genuinely feel anxiety when I see orders waiting to be shipped and nothing is more satisfying than having a clear queue.

I know some may think this post is unprofessional and I'm just complaining or looking for sympathy (I'm really not) and that's okay.  I would rather I seem too open than secretive or worse, that I'm pulling a disappearing act.

I truly appreciate your patience.  As soon as I have an update I'll post it across my social media accounts, on this blog post and update the Holo-maniacs group.  If you have any questions please email me through lemminglacquer @ gmail and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

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