Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Creme-nally Dynamic Collection - But Does It Stamp? Does It Water Marble?

Swatched by Kimireeree
The new Creme-nally Dynamic Collection is now available!  The collection features 9 vibrant shades with names inspired by some of our favorite TV shows, memes and song lyrics.  This collection was intended to be a solid creme collection with vibrant, saturated colors without being dulled or washed out by an overload of white pigment.  These polishes can be used alone in 1-2 coats, freehand nail art or making decals.  But two questions were brought up by members of The Lemming Lacquer Legion: do the cremes stamp and do they water marble?

I decided to try them out!
Let me preface this by saying I haven't stamped since the Cyberman mani I posted in January of last year--not that I did much stamping before that.  Also, I haven't water marbled since (I believe) 2011 and that was the one and only time I had done it.  I'm far from an expert and I wouldn't even go as far to call myself a novice at either.

I used a regular Konad stamper. Most of the plates I used were brand new and still covered with the blue seal on them. For a few of the polishes you'll see I used the same stamp (which I probably should have done across the board) because I've had that plate since at least 2010 and I've used it successfully several times so I know the image lifts correctly.

EpicDimensionally TranscendentalI Don't Even Need To Be This Attractive, It's Just Icing

KooshMr. Million Miles of Fun; Legendary
You'll see how the yellow and orange missed a couple spots of the image. That was totally my fault because I didn't press evenly when putting the stamper to the paper.

CORAL!!!; This Life Can Turn A Good Girl Bad; Sex and Candy

The main thing I liked about using these to stamp was I didn't feel rushed. When I used to stamp, I'd mainly use Konad polishes which can dry very quickly. With these I wasn't anxious and tripping over myself to hurry. You have a little more time to scrape, lift and place.  Overall these weren't intended specifically to be used as stamping polishes but they worked well.

Here is a nail stamping mani done by someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Nail art stamping by Kimireeree
Now onto water marbling!

I used Sex and Candy, Epic and I Don't Even Need To Be This Attractive, It's Just Icing for my attempt.  I used filtered room temperature water as I've heard it delivers good results.  I water marbled onto my bare nail and only thing I did use was a latex barrier though you'll see it wasn't enough!

The polishes spread pretty well through the water.  I anchored the outer layers of the polish to the edge of the shot glass as I've seen done in videos.  Then I gently made designs in the inner bullseye with my unbent paper clip.

My absolutely pitiful results! Obviously there is an issue with my dipping technique.  I dipped my finger with my nail parallel to the water, went straight down, cleaned up the excess polish around my finger with a q-tip and took my finger straight out.  When I removed the outer messy layers of the polish it revealed a bottom layer of a very pretty water marble design on my nail.  So the water marble attempt was successful up until the point I removed my finger.

I happened upon a video showing how to do a dry marble decal so I plan on trying that to see if I can get something wearable.

If you try stamping or water marbling with these polishes please feel free to post your experiences and tag me, comment below or email me. I'd love to hear about your results!

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