Friday, September 25, 2015

Halloween 2015 Collection: The Vagantem Damnatorum Release

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages welcome to The Vagantem Damnatorum! 
Inside you will be enlightened by Madame Alina the Fortune Teller, hypnotized by Magnus the Magician, terrified by Levi the Reptile Boy, enticed by Serafina the Firebreather, and delighted by Stitches the Clown. A chosen few will even meet the Ringmaster himself! Can you face the temptations and horrors within?
Beware and take care while inside the carnival because not all is what it seems. If you find yourself wandering too long and forgetting the world you left behind, you have been chosen by the Ringmaster to become a pawn in his game. Will you face your fears and receive your prize at the end or will you succumb to wickedness and fall? Brace yourself and come inside.

Swatches courtesy of Kimireeree
Not your average black holo, The Ringmaster has a black holographic base with red/brown flash, copper and red shimmer.  This polish is as complex and fathomless as The Ringmaster's mysterious past and fathomless motives.

Swatch courtesy of Kimiree
Madame Alina the Fortune Teller is a royal purple holo with a scattering of gold and copper holographic microglitter.  Madame Alina has knowledge of the future but beware, it may not be the future you had hoped for.

Swatch courtesy of Kimireeree
Magnus the Magician is a midnight blue holo with subtle icy blue shimmer. Take care not to lose your head in the carnival or you may end up like Magnus.

Swatch courtesy of Kimireeree
Levi the Reptile Boy is a deep mossy green holo with subtle green-gold shimmer.  Who's the real monster here?

Swatch courtesy of Kimireeree
Serafina the Firebreather has gold-copper-red color-shifting metallic flakes and sparks of holographic gold microglitters in a clear holographic base.  Serafina may entice you to come closer but you may be burned by more than the flames.

Swatch courtesy of Kimireeree
Stitches the Clown is a bloody red jelly base with a mix of various sizes, shapes, and colors of glitter including red, lavender, turquiose, lime green, navy blue and gold.  Stitches will leave you in way or the other.

The carnival is setting up and will open Sunday September 27 6PM CST along with a small restock of Curiosities From Wonderland as well as old and NEW Halloween mani bombs!

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