Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Black Friday Orders Shipping Update

This is long but please read it because I'm going to address several points of confusion. I want to explain about what's going on behind the scenes and I want to be upfront, honest and transparent about what's happening.

In order to speed up the shipping process I have printed postage prior to mailing. The postage is future dated so the mailing date in your shipping notification may not be the exact day of shipping. This change and switching to an assembly line type system has actually helped a LOT. It may not seem like it as a customer but this method has REALLY helped and if I were trying to process this amount of orders a month ago it would take a lot longer.

If your tracking hasn't updated it may be because the package hasn't gone out yet. I'm happy to let you know whether your order has been sent out but please email me. The majority of the time I don't get notifications about your comments on Instagram or the Facebook page or get notifications about messages sent to the Facebook page.  I really don't want your questions falling through the cracks in cyberspace so please, please email me. My email notifications are infinitely better and I can keep track of our conversation so much better.

Further on the subject of your tracking number, your tracking number may not update for several days after your package is sent out.  This isn't with every package but I want to prepare you because it is happening.  USPS is spotty at the best of times but it's even worse this time of year. I have supplies coming from the east coast being stuck in Kansas City, KS for several days while I'm on the Iowa side of Illinois (as in no where near Kansas City, KS). I have personally watched a USPS clerk scan a package I've dropped off and the tracking hasn't updated until it was out for delivery to the customer several days later.  Every single order I send out is added to the shipping app on my phone. I check it multiple times throughout each day so if, for example, I see a package that has been sitting in the same sorting facility for three days I call USPS. To be honest, the response from my local office's supervisor is pretty poor--I've given my name and number to the same woman multiple times and each time I'm promised a call back that of course never comes--but I still make the call because I truly care about you getting your package as soon as possible.  Believe me: I want you to get your order, I want to make opening the package a happy experience because this is nail polish--it's supposed to be an enjoyable hobby!

I was an indie nail polish lover long before I was a maker so I really do understand the frustration. I've been on the customer side of dealing with sites that crash from heavy traffic, site redesigns that promise no crashing or cart jacking, long processing times, frenzied restocks that sell out within literally 2 minutes, tracking not updating, the list goes on. I never wanted my brand to go through those issues so I've tried to run my business in a way I thought would prevent those issues.  Some methods have worked better than others.  I've already been working on ways to fix the parts that don't work but after these orders are completed, I'm going to take a little break to fully examine what I'm doing and how to make it more efficient.

Finally, I want to thank all of you so much for your patience and understanding. Lemming Lacquer has grown more than I could have hoped, especially in such a short time.  While I am immensely grateful, it's a lot for one person to handle and I'm truly sorry things don't run as smoothly as you and I would like.  I'm working extremely hard right now to get your orders out as fast as possible and I will continue to work just as hard to make the entire customer experience better in the future.

Again, if you have any other questions please email me and I'm happy to discuss them with you. Thank you and happy holidays!

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  1. Your polishes and customer service are amazing, and worth any wait that might be necessary to get them. I look forward to doing continued business with you! Thank you and Merry Christmas!! Kathie W.