Friday, February 7, 2014

CrowsToes Tiki Torch Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

Today I have CrowsToes Tiki Torch from the Mad, Crazy Summer Collection for you!  I’ve loved CrowsToes from when I first saw Cheshire.   and I was so excited to see the exciting new finishes (for CrowsToes) included in this collection—duochromes and holos!  Tiki Torch has glitter but it’s still different than the usual CrowsToes fare due to the squishy, berry jam jelly base!

Unfortunately I can’t decide what color the glitters are in Tiki Torch.  I see red and copper glitter with holographic glitter of some shade mixed in.  Some bloggers describe gold glitter instead of copper though it could even be orange.  The glitters are all small, that we can be sure of and the overall look is definitely the “fiery sparkle” described in the listing on Llarowe’s shop.  Someone on Facebook said Tiki Torch was like jelly for fairies and I have to agree!

While I love the look of this polish shown here is 5-6 thin coats :(  And in the sun pictures my ring finger still looks like it could do with a coat or two more!  I’m officially on a hunt for an opaque similar color to use as a base to conserve Tiki Torch because my bottle was a little under-filled when I received it.  So overall Tiki Torch is a bit disappointing for me but that sparkle is hard to resist.  Just look at this bottle shot!

I probably just got an off bottle and I’ve bought tons of CrowsToes polishes before without lots of problems so I know it’s still a good brand :)

Tiki Torch and the rest of the Mad, Crazy Summer Collection is available at Llarowe.

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