Sunday, February 16, 2014

Elevation Polish Matsuda Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm featuring a brand I've never tried before and I have to say so far I'm impressed.

I was searching for swatches of a glitter polish when I came across the combination with Elevation Polish's Matsuda as a base.  I happened to catch the store when there were a few bottles still in stock and decided to take a chance.

Matsuda is a lovey proper blood red cream polish with a slight red shimmer that's more noticeable in the bottle.  The formula is VERY nice!  It applied great and dried pretty quickly to a glossy finish.  Shown here is three thin coats but I bet two normal coats would be enough.  One problem I had with Matsuda was a bit of staining so definitely wear a base coat with this polish.

I had seen Elevation Polish and heard how great they were but creams usually aren't my normal preference (in comparison to glitter, sparkles and holos!).   Now that I've actually tried this brand and experienced how nice the formula is I can totally see why people love Elevation Polish.  And even though I have several other reds in my collection Matsuda is still unique to me and the formula is outstanding so I'm really glad to have it!  

On another note when I ordered from the Elevation Polish website I got a shipping notice the very next day and received my polishes quickly.  They were wrapped properly and had no issues.  Even the shipping charges were reasonable--a little over $3 for 3 polishes. 

Elevation Polish is available directly on their website where there's a restock at 9 PM CST every 7th and 22nd of the month and Llarowe.

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