Sunday, October 5, 2014

Polishes Sneaking Into Your Stash!

Well dear readers it's finally happened. While shopping my stash today I found a color I have absolutely no recollection of buying.  I have probably over 1,000 polishes (despite my recent attempt at purging) but surprisingly I remember every single one of them.  There has never been a time where I found a polish in my collection and think "Oh yeah, I forgot I have this one" or "Where did I pick that up?"

And then there was today.  I'm looking in my stash for OPI Sapphire in the Snow and while looking around I spot a white-ish polish.  Thinking it's OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls I pick it up and consider using this slightly off-white instead of the true white for my upcoming mani.  But then I notice the shimmer.  Lo and behold it's actually OPI Moon Over Mumbai.

My reaction:

... Wait, what? Where did this--?  Wait, WHAT?   I don't even-- Where did this come from?  Did I steal this??

I know the "Did I steal this?" sounds strange but truly that seemed more likely than the idea that at some point I picked up this polish, looked at it and thought "Yes, I will buy this!" and now have no memory of it.  I know my memory sucks most of the time but this is polish we're talking about.

It's not that it's a bad polish, it just doesn't strike me as a ME Polish.  As it is I only own OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and the true white I was thinking of using (Finger Paints Paper Mache if you were curious) for nail art purposes.

From what I've read online Moon Over Mumbai from the Spring 2008 OPI India Collection is a sheer, dove gray with a pearly finish.  Some reviewers on Makeupalley insist there is a pinkish and/or lilac hue to it.

So I think the best thing to do under these circumstances that the polish of unmemorable origin be released to someone who will love it properly.  Off to the blog sale it goes.  Luckily I can tell from the treads and the level in the bottle it's unused so there's that.

Do you ever find polishes in your collection that you don't remember buying?

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